Who are we?

It's a good question. We are actually currently one person - Denis Sobnakov. You might have read about me in Lonely Planet Russia in Ulan-Ude section or somewhere in the internet if you looked up about Ulan-Ude. I'm passionate about traveling and this is my goal - to make the system which will make it easier to get the experience.

The story started when me and my classmates met a couple of Swiss backpackers back in 2003. There were not a lot of tourists on the streets in my hometown back then and that was quite a big thing for us. They actually showed me that even speaking with someone from foreign culture can broaden your horizons. I decided to connect my future life with foreigners, so I started working in international hostels and soon became a tour guide around my area - lake Baikal.

Then I was hired by a big international tour operator as a tour leader. I've done many Trans Siberian trips all the way there and back. It was fantastic experience, I learnt a lot about life, people and Russia.

The best tailored tours around Buryatia, lake Baikal and Russia by Denis Sobnakov

In 2011 I opened a backpacker hostel in Ulan-Ude. It is designed to fit all the needs of any traveller, a lot of information, all the necessary facilities and comfy matresses. On the base of the hostel we started a small tour operator where we offered the best original trips around our region of lake Baikal and further on - whole Russia and Mongolia.

We are for responsible tourism

Our small company's philosophy is to keep local communities sustainable and to make as little impact on environment as possible.

  • We design our tours in a way to enrich our guests' experience with all the respect towards local people.
  • We don't use illegal hunters or fishermen's trophies (meat, fish for cooking).
  • We support local orphanages with 5% of our profits.
  • During the tours we try to have as much local interaction as possible. 

We are young and passionate

We love what we are doing and we want to show what a beautiful and special place we live in. All our guides are locals speaking English (sometimes more languages), graduates from local universities.